Blog Website Design

R95.00 / month and a R349.00 sign-up fee

We can create your blog and share your voice in a very short period of time.



Whether you are a newbie or a blogger with years of experience, you can benefit from a professionally designed and created blog website. You will get superior website design and functionality with a hassle-free setup. Choose one of our Blog Website Design Packages, we will create the perfect online platform for you to showcase your stories and experiences.

The world of blogging is extremely competitive and it is often difficult to make your blog’s web design stand out from the crowd. It is vital that you get your blog to rank well in Google and hook your readers in as soon as they land on your page.

The benefits of having a professionally designed website for your blog is the assurance that your website is personalised, responsive, and functional. This means that your website design will showcase your content (in mobile and web formats) with fast load times (thanks to optimised images), you will be set up for SEO, and it will be easy to add blog posts to your blog website.

These benefits will create a blog that is easy to find on Google, is well designed and responsive allowing the best possible experience for your readers.


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