Entrepreneurial Moods vs Reality: An Introspection

We’re in the thick of life – day in and day out. Our work demands a lot from us, and the pressure is always on.

When things get tough, it’s our vision for a better future that keeps us going. Despite this, it’s easy to overlook the journey and be unhappy with our current circumstances.

There are a million reasons to be complacent, and those can sometimes outweigh the main reason we’re working in the first place.

However, when you actually zoom out to look at the bigger picture, you will see that there are always two paths or ‘realities‘ to choose from at any given moment:

  1. Allowing circumstances to control your mood, or
  2. Finding ways to shift your mood through your interpretation of each circumstance.

You have to ask yourself questions like:

“Am I purposefully looking for the things that are going wrong to justify my reason for being unhappy? Do I have to be somewhere, do something, or have something happen in the outside world just for me to be happy on the inside?”

And more importantly:

“How can I change my perspective towards daily circumstances and start taking control over my mood?”

Who Controls Your Narrative?

My critical thinking lecturer back in university days one said:

“…or, to put it into different words, is there a narrative of your reality that supports your mood?”

Marketers spend billions trying to create a connection between what you see in the mirror and what makes you happy.

They have driven a culture of conforming into public perception, and the people with the most sway carry an unseen authority over you.

Think about it.

Even the industries you work in thrive on a system that encourages your compliance.

We bend to a boss’s instructions to avoid being penalised or avoid the shame that comes with being punished in the open.

This small but powerful social interaction happens every single day.

It’s what traps people in their profession, where a false sense of security and positivity keeps you from true happiness.

A Modest Solution

The new industries around us are beginning to ‘put the employee first’. However, this is not a change that will be fully implemented any time soon.

The way we show up in the current system is the change we can make today.

Our narrative – the list of things we tick off daily, the things we share with ourselves and others – is entirely up to us.

The simple solution or “shortcut” people crave goes something like this:

Respond differently to the events you can’t change, and you will instantly transform your life for the better.

Try saying “that’s interesting”, rather than “that’s terrible” – as it will be one thousand times more productive.

It forces your brain to see the potential in every situation, rather than the flaws.

This is not being naive. It is about spotting the diamonds in the rough (Thanks to John Fletcher for that saying).

What’s equally as powerful is your ability to stop experiencing failure before it happens, because, of course, failure is not as common as your brain wants you to think it is.

Happiness, for most of us, is a choice – and our reality is not. It seems, though, that choosing to be happy ends up transforming our reality.

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Mike Bairstow

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Mike is a data-driven, brand communicator. He focuses on combining traditional management methodologies with contemporary business thinking in a way that delivers consistent, meaningful consumer insight and develop the path towards connecting the dots between the consumer and your brand.

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