Brand Storytelling: Going Deeper With Your Audience

Brand storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to connect with your audience and make a memorable impression – time and time again.

You could offer the best product or service in the game, but these days, that’s not enough. You need to reach people directly and give them a reason to trust you with their time, attention and money.

Today’s most successful companies focus on brand storytelling to build organic, long-lasting relationships with their customers.

They are finding ways to go beyond the surface of marketing and form authentic bonds with the people they serve.

This article is an introduction to brand storytelling, what it means to tell your brand story and why this topic is so important.

What is Brand Storytelling?

People form perceptions of your brand based on first impressions and all their experiences with your business.

From how you present your business online to how you treat customers during a sales transaction, every interaction counts.

Your brand is what customers recognise when they see your name online or your logo on a box.

On the other hand, your brand story is the lifecycle of your business from its establishment until now.

Every business has a brand story, but most fall short because they don’t share it.

Customers hear all about features, benefits, and special deals – but how much do they really know about your business?

You can take a step beyond simply promoting your products and services by communicating your brand story through marketing.

This is called brand storytelling – which focuses on actively sharing the story of your business. It’s all about owning the script and telling the story of your business the way you want it to be known.

Brand storytelling is an ongoing conversation that you have with your audience, where you open up and allow them to become a part of what you do.

Telling your brand story can answer vital questions like:

  • When was your business established?
  • Why did you start in the first place?
  • Who are the people behind it?
  • What are your goals and mission?
  • How does your business operate from day-to-day?

This is information that consumers don’t outright ask for but will feel really good about knowing. Like with any gripping story, you become more invested in the main character the more you know about them.

Brand storytelling is the creative act of weaving together the chapters and details of your journey and sharing this with your audience through content and communication.

Why is Brand Storytelling So Effective?

Think back to the most memorable experiences that you have had with people in your life.

When trying to recall these moments, it is usually easier to remember how you felt, rather than the exact words that person spoke or what they were wearing at the time.

Recollecting these memories may bring up intense feelings of joy or sadness – even for events that took place long ago. The most vital point, however, is that you feel an emotion.

Emotions form the building blocks of our memories. They determine how we understand the world, make decisions, and, most importantly, tell stories.

Storytelling goes far beyond movies and fairytales, however. We connect every day by sharing our experiences and relating to each other in this collective life journey.

Now, imagine that your brand is a person – just like you and me – with an entire life and reputation to take care of.

People are more likely to remember and trust your business if they know the deeper story of why it exists.

You can also let them know what you have been through overtime and who the real people are behind the product or service.

Brand storytelling is what reminds people that you are human and that you understand their needs and problems.

It’s what connects your brand to an emotion, nurtures a positive perception, and influences people to choose your offering over the next one.

According to research by Headstream, if people love a brand story, 55% are more likely to buy the product in future. Also, 44% will share the story, and 15% will buy the product immediately.

This means that storytelling does not only enhance your brand relationships with your customers. It can also boost your ROI almost immediately.

What’s Next?

So, it’s clear that there is a lot that goes into brand storytelling, and it can bring immense benefit to your marketing when done right.

I will be sharing regularly about brand messaging, positioning, and everything related to building a strong and prosperous brand – so stay tuned for more!

You can also check out one of our earlier posts to learn more about building healthy customer relationships.

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